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Hello! I'm a 30 yr old anthro/furry artist whom is bisexual and non-binary! I enjoy games of all sorts and drawing as a format of expression and creativity.

I can draw cartoon characters from various shows and games (examples such as Undertale, Steven Universe, Night In The Woods, etc.). I have a cartoon-like style and I find it fun to draw characters in that style type but I'm also learning more about how painted styles work in my examples section.

I pride myself on trying to make my artwork look its best for the skill set I have. Every drawing is a new challenge for improvement and I will strive for it!

Price Listing


1 Emote - $3 CAD/USD
-Flat Coloured w Transparent Background
-These are simple and not with any extra bodies if you want extra bodies see Telegram Sticker Price

1 Telegram Sticker - $5 CAD/USD
-Flat Coloured w Transparent Background
-Double charge for YCH

Headshots - $10 CAD/USD
-Flat Coloured w Simple Background

Half body - $10-15 CAD/USD
-Flat Coloured w Simple Background

Fullbody - $15-20 CAD/USD
-Flat Coloured w Simple Background

- Can be coloured lines at request
- Couples are double the price!
-Detailed BG (Extra $)

These are examples of recent artworks I have done personally and commission wise!


I require full payment upfront in Paypal CAD/USD
If I didn't start your commission you will receive full payment back, if I've started your commission it will be my discretion.
My art turnouts are usually within a day towards 1 week. The most I would ever take is a month depending on the complexity of what is being commissioned from me.
- If you don't have patience please do not commission artworks from me.
- You will receive WIP updates for particular pieces with watermarks on it.
- Let me know if any changes are needed when I give you a WIP. If you ask me to change it, you get 4 free edits otherwise I will charge for my time if it's any more than that.
Things I Will Draw
SFW, Furries (Anthro), Feral, Pokemon, Simple Designs, Cartoon Characters/Fandom Art
Things I Won't Draw
Particular Fetishes, Hate speech, Political things, Religious things, Minors in NSFW, or anything that falls under it
If there is anything not listed or any additional questions feel free to ask me about it!

Always make sure to Credit my artwork if posted on any social media (I have quite a few), I deserve credit for the work I make and would appreciate it, if I see you claim my artwork as your own I will not hesitate to get my pieces taken down